Sunday, May 8, 2011

De-blanking the canvas

A while back we had our house re-painted. It wasn't something that was screaming out to be done (well we hadn't noticed the screaming), but it definitely made an enormous difference to to appearance of the house. Updated it a LOT. Pleasing. Pale yellow to beige = success. Sadly there isn't really much in the way of before pics so you will  just have to imagine. It is most satisfying if you picture cat wee yellow walls with smears of dirt and cobwebs (although it really wasn't that bad really).

Anyway... since the painting success we hadn't put any pics on the walls as the fine workmanship of Peter the painter was art in itself. But we are over that now so took to the walls with nails, a hammer and questionable methods of figuring out if pictures were straight (an iphone spirit level app... and pages of a target catologue to measure things).




I have been in love with this illustration for years. So decided to buy it with the wedding money gift given to us by my sister and her fam in London. It is drawn by artist James Gulliver Hancock. Hopefully I will collect more of his awesome stuff over the years. It's just so cool.

This is just another angle of the room.


Another angle. The TV. Doors to the left of it head to the bedrooms and to the right of the TV is the bathroom. We've packed this rug away now too, because after 2 years it still malts black fluff constantly. We find it EVERYWHERE. No rug = less vacuuming :)

Some mini pics. The one on the left is one of the first photos of Greg and I when we got together. The one of the right is a super cool illustration on a KiKi-K christmas card.

And there they are on the wall next to the front door.

Another angle, looking into the meals area.




Some of our wedding pics, in frames we used for various things at our wedding.

Just another angle so you know what the room looks like.

and another... the view into the lounge.

and another... with a couple of family pics and a clock that made the cut onto the walls. That door goes into the laundry.

And  a shot of the kitchen just in case you are wondering about it.



No before shots here I am afraid.

This is a pics I put together before Greg and I were married. The paper snowflakes represent me and him! The background is covered in little drawings of diamonds. Maybe this was a subconscious hint...that worked!? I am the little one of course... although at the moment I weigh more than him (i am 9 months pregnant though...).

There is it on the wall behind the bed.

And a little birdy on my side of the bed.

Anyway enough blogging for one day. When I am back in a blogging mood I will post some pics of the babies room! Unless the baby comes first!!!!!!!

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