Sunday, July 22, 2012

An exercise experiment

Today I have decided to get started on one of my goals for 2012 and the 30th year of my life - To become fitter than I have ever been before. I also want to lose some weight that has slowly crept up on me since becoming a mum. I was very fortunate to have lost all my baby weight almost immediately after giving birth. I actually think I lost weight while pregnant, by being forced to follow the gestational diabetes diet (I should also add that I have never ever felt better, so should really get back onto that healthy eating regime). The healthy diet  during pregnancy plus some breastfeeding plus a load of new mum stress and hours and hours of walking(to get my baby to sleep) all added to my effortless weight loss. BUT the sneaky kilos have crept back up on me as I have strayed from the healthy diet and have been given the luxury of not having to walk for miles to get my baby to sleep anymore (there's that silver lining!).

I am going to kick start this goal with a 30 day challenge. The plan is to exercise for a minimum of 45 minutes every single day for the next 30 days. It doesn't have to be an intense 45 minutes, can just be a walk, but has to be SOMETHING. No excuses, no days off. Starting tomorrow!

To accompany the challenge I have made myself a deal that I will buy myself a new workout outfit after the first 5 kilos I lose. I have been window shopping at Lorna Jane for a while now and have decided that I can't just buy the new gear, I have to earn it.

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