Friday, July 27, 2012

Project Christmas

I LOVE buying and planning presents for people. I keep a list in my diary of present ideas for people all year round. Then when it comes time to purchase for them I have a lift of cool ideas on hand. I buy all my pressies WAY in advance, because it feels so good to have it all organised and to avoid that 'this will have to do' shopping that happens if you wait until the last minute. So to add to the present buying fun this year I have set myself a challenge. For every present that I need to buy I am going to sell something to earn the money for it. Yep that's right, I am adding a step to a process that many people already hate as is. It's not that we are strapped for cash, but it seems silly to keep things we have no use for anymore, AND it will help keep the credit card under control(which seeing as we are looking at buying a new house, is important!).

Ebay and Facebook are my outlets of choice. I have recently sold some clothes on ebay, which was surprisingly easy and prompted the birth of Project Christmas. There are also some local facebook buy and sell groups which I am a member of, which would be good for bulky things that I can't post.

So far on my list of things to sell is-

Volcom Jacket:
Old and not worth much, but branded things seem to sell well on ebay.

Snowboarding clothes:
I have acquired quite a collection throughout my years of snow-bunnydom.

Old laptop:
Not sure how successful this will be as these things depreciate like crazy, but worth a try.

Pram storm and sun cover:
These are ridiculously overpriced new, and the second hand ones I bought on ebay don't fit my pram!

I'll post about my selling successes, but can't expose what I am buying incase a gift recipient stumbles across my blog.

Meanwhile an update on my Exercise Experiment. So far so good. Things have been quite tame as my lovely husband is in Vegas for work (ummm yeah my gift better be good!) and beautiful Evie has had a fever for the last 3 days. BUT here is the report on what I have done.

Day 1: Walk to a park and back in a close by suburb, after picking Evie up from daycare. Approx 45 mins.
Day 2: Walk to the mall, around the mall and back. Approx 1.25 hours. 2.5 hours if shopping counts!!!  
Day 3: Walk to the supermarket and back again during my lunch hour at at work. 1 hour. Includes carrying weights (dinner) on the way back.
Day 4: Walk to the local markets and back. 2.5 hours. Totally didn't mean to walk for this long, it was too late by the time I realised what I was in for. 
Day 5: Iceskating! This is actually quite a lame excuse for exercise because I was ice skating with a 3,5,6 and 7 year old... so didn't quite get the blood pumping. But for the sake of the challenge this was 45 minutes of exercise. Probably more a weight session, from holding nieces and nephews up, but none  the less it was exercise.
It is now Day 6, which is turning out to be quite a craptastic day. Evie's fever is still running high, 45 min delay at doctors, no magic cure at doctor, Greg is away and I am Tired, yep with a capital 'T'. I will be lucky to squeeze in having a shower let alone 45 mins of exercise, but we shall see. May be nap time for me now.


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