Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Fancy a cuppa?

I love love love my new kettle. Well actually it is an electric tea pot. I'm so fancy. It is small and ceramic and clean and white and posh and pretty all in one simple and staple kitchen appliance. It makes me happy just looking at it, and I anticipate that it will bring much more happiness when I make cups of teas with it. I haven't always been a tea person, i didn't drink tea or coffee, i didn't really have a beverage of choice, reluctantly requesting hot chocolate when 'doing coffee' with friends. But along came green tea, my gateway into the world of tea drinking. Working in London on a switchboard with 10 other Aussie twenty-somethings we drank it by the litre, it tasted like dirt but we were waiting for the kilos to shed like a trashy magazine had told us it would, so we kept going. Eventually the taste grew on us, the kilos managed to hang on too. Magical weight loss elixir this was not.  Then came more office work, with meetings, boring dragged out meetings and desks and morning teas and farewells and birthdays and welcomes with awkward moments, name forgetting and chats about the weather. But whatever the occasion there was always the obligatory tea table. The cups and the saucers stacked neatly, the perfect distraction for morning tea captives. A cup of loveliness to warm you up, occupy your hands, give you something to look at, to fill the silent moments. It was only a matter of morning teas before I was hooked.

There is no occasion that doesn't warrant tea. Can't sleep-have a cuppa, Just had a sleep-have a cuppa. Stressed- have a cuppa. Relaxed- have a cuppa. Not as necessary as air, but just as welcome. Always appreciated, refreshing and revitalising. A kind gesture in every language, present in all communities city to tribe. An addiction less harmful than alcohol, gambling, coke(both types!) or junk food. An addiction to embrace rather than wrestle. An addiction so very welcome in my life. In my pie chart of life, tea has it's own slice.

People talk balance and we all know that too much of anything sets even the most stable off kilter. I strive for a balanced pie chart of life. A perfect pie. If you've got a pie chart with one giant slice and some tinsie winsie slices and something crap happens with the big slice, you're going to be having a pretty bad time since so much of your energy goes into that slice. The more balanced your chart, the more balanced you'll feel when one slice is a bit off.  While an unbalanced chart may not mean you are unhappy I think it secretly eats away at your contentment. That's ok for a while, and is inevitable at times, like when you're a new mum, you've started a new job, have a family crisis etc but it's not forever. So I want my pie to be sliced perfectly, as often as it possibly can during my life.

Every body has a different pie recipe. It's made up of things that are necessary and important to you.

Recipe for my perfect pie (in no particular order):

Personal Interests (This is the tea slice!!!)
Health, fitness & self care

Right now my pie chart is pretty sweet, except for health and fitness... I've fallen off the wagon. Enjoying my food a bit toooo much(FYI eating/cooking also fits into my personal interests slice) and I've chosen couch over gym a few too many times. I could also lie here... and say that I have exercised for 45 mins everyday since I started my exercise challenge. But I haven't... whoops. I was doing soooo well... but then Greg disembarked from his Vegas trip and I got off the exercise train. So don't expect a 30 day celebration post when I hit 30 days, because I barely made seven. Motivation is high though, so I am confident i'll be back on exercise express soon.

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