Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Things that were awesome this week

A reminder of the things I have felt grateful for this week. Written down so that they never get overshadowed by the average things.

  • It is mango season. I love that I can sit and indulge in this seasonal treat AND feel like I am feeding myself goodness. It doesn't reeeeally matter that I look and sound like a dog devouring a meaty bone in front of my husband (I picked a good one).
  • The proudness I feel of my beautiful Evie. Everyday she amazes me with the things she has learnt. Chanting 'up down' when a book is upsidedown and turning it right way up. Chirping 'change nappy' when it is time to change a nappy. It is something new every single day. I have no idea how she knew what pool floaties were when she saw them for the first time in our house and yelled 'POOL!'. For a second there I freaked out at the catastrophic thought that she was psychic. I am also grateful that I am not THAT crazy yet.
  • Tea. I think this will be on my list each week. 
  • My new house. I never thought I could love a house as much as I love our new house. We moved about a month ago and it grows on me everyday. I have embraced the retro fittings and original kitchen and don't even feel the urge to change the mustard ensuite...yet. Perhaps an oven with celcius would be handy, but hey at least it works.
  • The fact that Greg is happy for me to be in charge of what we eat. Everyone knows I love a good list writing session, and the grocery list is a weekly hit of my addiction. If I don't feel like what's on my carefully planned menu, I swap it and Greg goes along with the change like a cameleon. Thank you.
  • Finishing work at 4pm. A psychological boost every day when I get to leave the office before anyone else.
  • Chime. Following on with the work theme, 'chime' is the very important appointment each afternoon at work, when we drop everything to make chai lattes with frothed milk. Chai + time = chime.
  • Summer bugs. Love the sound of all the beetles doing their thing on a hot Aussie evening. Brings back wonderful memories and fills me with excitment for the possibilities of the holiday season.
  • The sleeping skills of my little lady. We have been so very lucky to have a super dooper nightsleeper from the start. So very grateful, because crying + awake all night would have been the straw that broke the camels back and neck and limbs. For the past 18 months I have been grateful everynight (well most) that Evie is happy to curl up in her flanelette sheeted cot and dream of unicorns and all you can drink milk fountains until morning.


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