Thursday, December 27, 2012

Heart explosion

I am a Christmas addict. I make my whole office listen to Christmas carols on every single day of December, I compile my Christmas shopping list over 364 days of the year, I wear Christmas nail polish and earrings and I get excited by Christmas movies from the 80's. Today is Christmas and it was awesome. It started at about 12:01am when Evie woke with what we can only presume was pharyngitis (i just recovered from it myself) and proceeded to cry for almost the remainder of the possible sleeping hours. It was still awesome. As we rocked her on the couch and administered the permitted concoction of pain killing medication at every allowable hour, we watched Christmas cartoons in a daze. The Christmas harmonies of the tinsel clad creatures prompted a frail and sad "Santa's coming" from our Christmas Evie and my heart almost exploded. Christmas spirit oozed out of my little patient and her cuteness made my heart almost explode out of my chest. Christmas is awesome. Throughout the rest of the day tiny moment after tiny moment my heart melted watching my little trooper enjoy her first 'proper' Christmas. Stirring a pretend tea with a spoon from her new tea set. Saying cockatoo as she unwrapped a stuffed cockatoo(genius!), putting her new doll to bed, feeding a tiny barbie with a full sized bottle. Unaware of adoring eyes these moments were anything but insignificant.  I'm not sure if someone has spiked my tea(if so please do it again) or the lack of sleep has taken it's toll, but my heart is on fire. A large-open-wood-ski-chalet-with marshmallows kind of fire. Extended family emergencies, squishing all families into one day, public holiday doctors appointments and closed pharmacies couldn't steal our Christmas awesomeness even if it tried.

Maybe if they put Christmas cartoons on all year we wouldn't mind 3am cryfests or tonsillitis outbreaks...just an idea. 

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