Thursday, March 28, 2013

Things I am grateful for this week

That everyone was alive at the end of our last supermarket shop. There was crying (from the wee one) from start to finish but somehow I managed not to kill myself, any family members or anyone who got in my way as well as getting everything off the list. So grateful that our shopping experiences are not usually like this.

That we have such a lovely little family. This morning we walked to a cafe for morning coffee then lay around the house reading junk mail. Now the little one is asleep, I'm cooking/writing and Greg is DIYing. We are so lucky. It's the small things.

That Greg does not bite back at my crazy woman antics. Today (before we even hit 8am) I told him that there was something seriously wrong with his ears, his sight and his brain all because he said 'pardon' a few too many times and hadn't seen something that I stuck on the fridge. So grateful that he knows I don't mean to be a crazy woman and accepts my apologies without giving me grief. I like to think that these moments are few and far between, I wonder what Greg thinks!? He is def the best fish in the sea.

That there is a Ben and Jerry's outlet less than 10 minutes from my house, which is open 24-7. I will not be grateful for this when I don't fit into my pants anymore.

That Evie is such a happy little lady. She has the biggest smile, sense of humour and the chirpiest chirps. Contagious.

Got to go now. Good Friday BBQ with the family and the food is calling my name. Goodbye clothes that fit.


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