Friday, March 29, 2013

Time to re-group

Being a to do list kinda gal, I'm also (surprise surprise) into setting goals and today feels like a good day to set some new ones. Especially since I just had chinese take away including the whole bag of complimentary prawn crackers, followed by about 20 people's worth of grapes, and that simply can not happen again.

It's March so these goals will be for the rest of 2013:

  • Tone myself up. It has been almost 2 years since I had a baby and I have put on weight since I came home from the hospital(isn't it meant to be the other way!?). I was lucky and the weight dropped off easily after Evie was born, plus I had gestational diabetes which kept any feasting under control and me out of the bakery during my pregnancy. But now that I have settled into parenting I have also settled back into indulging in tasty treats.

  • Go on at least 2 family holidays. We've been to the coast twice so far this year which was lovely, and Evie loved it. So our next holidays are just a bonus. We're booked in to stay in a cutesy little cottage at the snow with mum and dad in July which will be cool. Cool indeed as it will in fact be during the ski season, so Greg and I can get back on our snowboard and Evie can hang with Nan and Grandad. After this I predict that we will probably head to the coast again towards the end of the year, or maybe a weekend trip to Sydney.

  • Go on date night with husbando at least once a month. We are in March already and believe it or not we have not had a date night so far this year! Life is busy and it is easy to just hang out at home together once Evie has gone to bed. But we need to book in babysitters and head out for date nights for some super spesh together time.

  • Go on another cooking course. When I think back to the Indian course I did last year I feel relaxed. It was great and I now make a killer butter chicken. Thai is next on the agenda.

  • Help someone. I want to help someone and make a difference to their lives, even if just for one day. No idea how I am going to do this... but will think of something.

  • Paint the external trim of our house. Currently brown brick, red trim. I want brown brick, grey trim AND yellow front door. Oooooow ahhhhhh.

Um yeah and I should probably add in something about stopping with the whole tv, laptop, phone, multitasking thing. It is ok to miss a status update and you are not going to get through allllll the pictures on Pinterest. Really. Admitting you have a problem is the first step... now onto step 2.

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