Thursday, May 23, 2013

A bit about lights at night

There is something about lights at night that spreads a sense of calm in me and puts everything in perspective. It's impossible for me to look at lights at night and not to melt into to a state of happiness.  So bright against the dark of night I just find it impossible that something so 'loud' is silent. Waiting to be accompanied by the soundtrack of your choice.

The first time I remember finding them so intriguing was when I visited HongKong with my parents in year 7. I sat in the hotel room looking out the window at the apartment block next door. Hundreds of little yellow rectangles glowing with a million different stories in each one. Then there is my love for the snow, half of which is the sparkling fairy light lit resort village, which almost always accompanies the white stuff. Dressed up like a Christmas tree always, it's relaxing, peaceful, silent and sparkly.

Greg knows this too, which is why he tried to propose to me at the top of a mountain at night, looking down at the city lights. Too bad the worker selling tickets to the gondola told us the view was crap and foiled the plan!!! ha ha This is what it looked up when we finally went up (after the proposal).

I came across a photographer who totally gets it too. Tod Hido from the USA. His photographs of houses at night are so simple but I could stare at them all night wondering what is going on in the pic.

Don't you just want to go inside?!

And here are just some I came across tonight that melted my heart and made me feel like writing about it.

In other more important news - It was a REALLY bad idea to open the cooking chocolate tonight. Not only have I eaten the whole bag, but I now have to buy more to make the cookies this bag was for.


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