Saturday, May 11, 2013

A letter to my little one

I have always got a lot of satisfaction out of documenting things. I love storing memories because I want to remember everything that happens in life, because so far it has been pretty amazing. I have photos of everything stored away in albums, disks and photo books along with boxes of the most random keepsakes. I love putting things together to remember particularly awesome events, like a honeymoon photo book, our yearly Mansill 'best of' photo book, a video compilation of 'a photo a day' and 'Growing Evie Winter' a photo book of my belly - for the nine months up until Evie was born.

So when Evie's 1st birthday was coming up last year I decided that I would write her a letter each birthday, to one day hand over for her to read.

We're coming up to birthday number 2 now and I am looking for the right card for the job. So while I search I'll put birthday letter number 1 up here, so that even if our house burns down my words will be safe and sound.

Darling Evie,

First of all you are wonderful, amazing and beautiful. Remember that ALWAYS. You have now been in our lives for 1 whole year, it has gone so so so fast but at the same time it feels like a lifetime ago that we were heading to the hospital to meet you. You have completed our little family, the three of us are such a fantastic team.

The first year has been a year of learning, challenges, adventures, accomplishments and feeling proud. I am proud of myself for knowing that I have tried the absolute hardest to be the best mum I could possibly be, proud of your dad for being such an amazing, supportive, patient, loving and caring dad and proud of you for being so amazing.

You have mastered crawling, are pulling yourself up on everything, eating with enjoyment, pointing to EVERYTHING with great curiosity, able to tell us exactly what you want in your own way of communicating (with cute grunts, cries, words and pointing). You show impressive intellect for a baby, let us know what you are feeling, are curious and adventurous and the cutest little thing in the universe :). You turn heads wherever we go and are the SMILIEST baby EVER! Everyone always comments on your smile and that you are such a happy baby! We are so so happy that you are such a happy little thing because for the first 6 months of your life you cried A LOT! We never knew why but it was so hard to see you cry but not be able to comfort you. So we gave you all the love in the world and tried everything we could and at around 6 months you settled down a lot. Maybe you just didn't like not being able to tell us what you needed or didn't like being stuck lying down, or weren't sure about the world. So if you ever have a baby and it cries a lot just know that it will pass and that you can do it! If I can, you can and you are proof that the outcome is tremendous.

I am looking forward to all the adventures we are going to have in the future and look forward to watching you grow and learn. I will do everything I can to help you live a fun, happy, full of love and laughter life. Never forget how wonderful you are and never forget that your dad and I love you more than anything and always will. We can't wait for all the fun that your 2nd year will be filled with.

xoxoxoxo Your mum.

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