Wednesday, June 19, 2013

An ordinary day

Even days of nothing are jam packed full of something. Ordinary days weave themselves together to make memories to be fondly remembered later. Here is a day in the life us on an ordinary day not so different to any other but completely unique at the same time.


Joy! We are woken by a little voice shouting "It's morning time!". The outrageously expensive (bought only by desperate parents) Groclock that we bought, to encourage Evie to sleep until the sun is up, has worked! Put to bed the previous night with instructions to go back to sleep until the clock displays a sun, she was now waking us with joyous announcement that the sun can be seen. I jump up(we alternate getting up early and it's my turn) to congratulate her on sleeping in, to the absolutely respectable hour of 6am and get excited about the smiley sun on the clock to show her how cool her clock is. Mr Clock we may have just fallen in love with you.

Update: Day 2 was not as successful, with a wake up at 5:30 but she stayed in bed until 6 despite her pleas to get up. I have faith in you and your powers little clock.

It's still pretty early so we snuggle on the couch to watch some Dora the Explorer. Love Foxtel for these out of the ordinary hours cartoon offerings. Evie holds my fingers while she watches, a subtle sign of love that doesn't go un-noticed.

Crazy bed hair x 2


"Shall we have breakfast now?" We head into the kitchen and prepare Evie's staple of 2 x Weetbix with frozen raspberries. While Evie eats I pack away the washing up from last night and answer the many curious 2 year old questions that float my way. "What are you doing" "What is daddy doing" "What are you doing"feature regularly. For some reason I don't find the constant questions annoying like you might expect. I love filling my curious girl with information.


Evie is finished and the washing is packed away so I sit down to eat my breakfast and drink my tea. I chop up some banana for Evie to eat at the same time to prevent her from trying to eat my breakfast, or climbing on me while I eat or trying to get me to do something else instead of eating.


7am... or close enough. Time to wake the sleeper inera up! I open the bedroom door and let the Evie alarm head on in to work her magic and sneak away to finish my cup of tea and check out what is happening on the Today Show. Greg makes his breakfast and we plod around doing random things, followed very very closely by my shadow who wants to be involved with everything I do. Do I go to the toilet alone? No way! We are team players here.


Fill the washing machine with whites, but then remember that the machine is broken. Try to fix it but water gushes out the bottom of the machine. Decide it is too hard to try and fix this right now. It's time to get dressed instead. Sneak away and close the hallway door so that I can have a shower without a surprise visit from my helper. She is sad she can't get in and I can hear her crying :(. But it is so much faster showering alone. Showering at the same time as blocking a fully clothed 2 year old from getting in OR putting things in through the shower screen is possibly the reason why 24 hour deodorant was invented. Or is it just me that doesn't shower much anymore!? Time to get Evie dressed. This involves a debate about which nappy she is going to wear today, but she quickly forgets that she hasn't been allowed to wear the requested Wiggles (night time) nappy when she realises we are going to the doctor... which for some reason causes a lot of delight.


Head to the doctors surgery for the dreaded pap smear appointment. Greg has come with us to watch Evie while I go in(don't want to traumatise Evie with the procedure, or give her any ideas of things to try at home). We drive in separate cars so he can dash off to a meeting straight afterwards. The receptionist is in love with Evie :) Super proud of her cuteness. She pretends to call Nan on the pretend phone in the waiting room.  They end up waiting outside so Evie can run around. "I am going to find Mummy" is not a fun game for a parent to play in a waiting room with lots of doors.


Traumatic appointment over. Back home for morning tea in the kitchen. Mmmmm another tea.


Evie seems a bit tired and I am too so put on a recording of Play School (Evie's favourite show). Evie watches the show while I check emails and Facebook. Relaxing. I resisted the use of television for so long, mostly because of brainwashing by perfect parent magazines that tell you that television will turn your child into a horrible person. But I have now seen the light. TV is GREAT embrace it.


Sit down to play with the Beetle game for a little while.


Playing with the Beetle games pieces has turned into eating the pieces so it's time to head out to the library. We have a really overdue book and it is story time at the library for 2-5 year olds at 10:30. Evie sits on my knee while the librarians sing songs and read the Billy Goats Gruff.  There are more stories after this but it's not that entertaining and Evie would rather walk around so we go to look at other books and randomly bump into Nan! Decide to go to Nan's house straight form library after a quick detour to the swings at the park and our house to pick up the whites out of the washing machine. Sing songs in a wildly exciting voice and give Evie something to eat to prevent her from falling asleep on the way.


Lunch at Nan and Grandads house and lots of happy playing. Lots of cuteness and singing from the sweetest voice (Evie... just in case you were wondering about Grandad). Evie is so content just playing by herself listening to the grown up conversations that are going on. She seems to switch her mumma magnet off when we leave the house. I remind myself that there will come a day when she doesn't want to play with me so to enjoy the magnet at home while it lasts.


Evie goes down for a nap an hour later than usual because Nan's house is so exciting! I am so glad she loves it so much there. I take this opportunity to head to the mall. Buy a coffee and browse the book shop.


Return home just in time for Evie to wake up so that Nan and I can walk to the school to pick Riley and Ciara from school. Riley is super cute introducing Evie to everyone as his little cousin.


Afternoon tea and more playing. Not sure where it came from but Evie has a case of the crazies! Running around being VERY energetic


Evie is getting a bit tired. Head home to hang up the washing we did during the day at Nan's. My little helper helping of course. Have a quick clean up of the house from the mornings activities while Evie helps to produce more mess for later  :)


Set Evie up at the kitchen sink to play with some dishes in the sink while I do some washing up. Cook her some scrambled eggs and keep tidying while they cool down. Greg is normally home by now but has to stay at work a bit later today.


Evie eats her dinner.


Dad's home! Just in time for bath time :) Have a debate in my head as to whether bribing Evie with a bubble bath(she has recently started to protest at bath time) will be worth the eczema it may cause. Decide that yes a bubble bath is a great idea to end our lovely day without tears. Evie trots off with Dad for a bubble bath while I check Facebook again. We may now have to either offer a bubble bath every night, stop bathing her or wear earplugs during bath time. Choose your battles wisely.


Put extra moisturiser on Evie in hopes that the bubble bath won't have dried out her eczema prone skin. Get her pyjamas on and sit on the couch to watch her night time cartoons. Love sitting with our little bundle while she drinks her milk, brushes her teeth and watches cartoons.


Dad reads Evie a story and we head off to tuck her in. She always requests that both of us come and we are suckers for love so we both go. We turn off the sun and say hello to the stars on the Groclock, reminding Evie about what they mean. We also turn on her nightlight and leave the door open because she has recently started being scared of the dark.

After a quick rendition of the parental bedtime rejoicing dance once Evie is tucked in (and that is NOT code for anything) I head off to Erin's for our weekly get together to watch the best show of all time. Offspring. I pick up some Zambreros on the way for dinner. Zoe comes too and we catch up on goss while marvelling at the attractiveness of Dr Patrick. Amazing specimen. Fortunately for me I am legally bound to a very handsome man already. Hi Greg :)


I arrive home and Ryan is at our house. He has come over to watch the basketball with Greg. We sit and talk for a while and then I decide to start writing down what I did today, before I forget.


Greg has already gone to bed so I pack everything up and hope that he has turned on my electric blanket for me.  It was a great day of ordinariness and I am ready to go to bed to recharge for the next.

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