Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Meanwhile at the Mansill's

Stuff that has been happening...

My baby is not a baby anymore!

Watching fireworks with dad.

Using chopsticks!!!

Being gorgeous.

A moment of stillness. Feeling the fuzz of cuddles.

More chopstick action. The precision of a surgeon. 

School holiday antics. Three in the back.

Wow, you are a stunner Miss Mansill. xxx

3rd wedding anniversary. Our annual visit to the place of our wedding. It may be blurry but there is so much love in this photo.

Funny how girls seem to be hard wired to like this sort of stuff! Fairy cousins.

Cousin movie night.

More stillness. Note the sticker on Greg's head and the bare bottom under the fairy skirt.

2 dolls.

Over the moon to be holding a REAL baby!!! Baby Jacob.

On the slide with her baby.

I don't know about you, but we watch TV on the potty here.

That is all xxxxx

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