Wednesday, September 11, 2013

On the couch with Dr Max

As you can only expect a thinker to do, I have been thinking about life.

I'm married to a the greatest fish in the sea, own my dream house and have a beautiful family as well as the very best friends available. I am very fortunate and am grateful for this daily. There is nowhere else I would rather be(except with all these amazing people at a ski resort where whinging doesn't make a sound, but you know what I mean). We all know that having 'everything' isn't everything... so then what is life all about? What is the point?

I like this quote...

So for me, the point of life, the next part of the journey, is to be enjoying a life jam packed full of meaningful moments.

Different things are meaningful to everyone. Pondering over values in a mindfulness course(more on this later) I came to realise that the top 6 things that I value in life(the things that bring me the biggest feeling of fulfilment and vitality) are - Family, Fun, Friendship, Inner peace, Adventure, Leisure. I like this list(as I do most lists!). I find things associated with these values meaningful. Meaningful doesn't necessarily mean happiness. I am not striving for a life filled only with the happiest moments, because that wouldn't work. You have to have the ups and the downs to appreciate the greatness of the ups. Things can be hard and even unpleasant at the same time as being meaningful and bringing fulfilment. For example, helping a family member through a tough time might be difficult, but it is meaningful. An adventure could not go to plan, be rained out or not what you expected but the adventure still brings a sense of fulfilment at the end of the day. 

Based on my values here are some goals I have made for my life right now, that if followed I feel will help me to live a meaningful life and ultimately feel a sense of fulfilment and vitality for life at the end of every day.
  • To be a happy, loving mum who makes my children feel, safe, happy, proud and confident throughout their lives. To spread happiness to my children and teach them how to love life and to power on through the ups and downs of living. 
  • To spend time with family often.  So no one can escape from anyone's craziness and we can all share the load of life together, and bask in the happiness. 
  • To always be on the look out for things to do out and about(adventures if you like!) and take them as an opportunity to spend time together with family and friends.
  • Always have a holiday planned to look forward. It could be a holiday two hours down the road, or 2 days across the world.  It could be in 2 weeks or two years. The planning and anticipation is half the fun. Doesn't matter how big or small, a holidays is so refreshing, even just to think about.
  • To spend time with my man just the two of us. Doing the things we love doing like movies and dinner at nice restaurants. To enjoy being together just as husband and wife.
  • That although I am someone who is prone to being anxious when things go askew, I plan to not ever be as knocked around by it as I have before. I will embrace these traits and use them to my advantage. After all, the caveman who imagined the noise in the bush was a lion(and not a bird) was the one who went the furthest.
  • Work in a job I enjoy. I don't aspire to be the top of the ladder or bring in big bucks. I just want to enjoy going to work and find what I do fulfilling.
  • Appreciate the little things in every day. 
  • Do something to help others. Pay it forward. You never know when you will need a stranger to help you.
I am excited about this list and look forward to filling my minutes and days and years with meaningful moments. Is this list totally lame? Yes probably. This is possibly the most cringeworthy post so far and much too warm and fuzzy for even my liking. But that could be because it really is actually warm and fuzzy realising that you have all the things you need to live your greatest life (without actually needing anything at all!).


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